Running a validator is not free. We are convinced that an excellent service should also entail a fee.

We offer:

maximum fee of 9%
offer till 01.04.2022 0% – after 2.5%

community: exclusive giveaways and promotions
please see announcements on discord

signature rate of >99,9%: maximizing returns

any relevant change in the conditions will be published with 14 days notice

We are not in favor of increasing self-delegation to show our own delegation.
We prefer to support our validators by external wallets.

These wallets belong to us:

Community funds (10% of all commissions generated):


Supporting wallets (with our CRO supporting our validators):


To prove the possession of these wallets, as second transaction we send ourselves 1 CRO containing in the memo “GalaxyStaking”.


asked questions

What is staking?

Staking means you lock up cryptocurrency (in our chase CRO) in a smart contract. Once you successfully locked it up, you automatically take part in the voting process to approve transactions through our validators. In exchange for approving valid transactions, the network rewards you with a so-called staking reward.

What are the costs of staking?

As running the validator nodes incurs hosting infrastructure cost, we take a small percentage (max. 9%) of your reward. Please refer to the single validator for the actual fee applied, which might be much lower.

What are the risks?

Staking cryptocurrencies is an efficient way to earn passive income while participating in the world of digital currencies. Staking is much easier than mining or trying to time potential airdrops to accrue coins.

We only accept delegations, which were made from non-custodial wallets. This means we have no control over your assets.

If a validator operates in misbehavior, part of all delegated tokens can be slashed, which means destroyed. Therefore, you should choose a validator which you trust.

How long is the minimum lock up period?

There is no lock period but an unbonding period. Now the unbonding period is 28 days for Chain.

This is a security measure on the network.

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